Image Credit Bob Freund. Taken during our 2015 Adventure

What is

UTadventure Tours are a series of 6 day photographic journeys to either Utah or Mexico, encompassing 9 breathtaking locations and providing you with the opportunity to create your dream images with 3 professional fine art models.

It is a perfect chance to unleash your creativity and explore the outdoors with your camera while getting away from your daily routine!

This photography vacation is as much about the EXPERIENCE as the results. The UTadventure team takes pride in creating real connections and developing lifelong friendships by taking their participants away from the routine and into pristine natural landscapes where they can truly feel inspired.

Our Mission

UTadventure brings together models and photographers in the most magical locations where they can create without boundaries and form life lasting friendships.

How are we

UTadventure is different from your typical workshops and group shoots: the models and photographers are equal collaborators in creating stunning art in breathtaking environments.

  • Our trips focus on developing a creative connection between a photographer and a model. You are encouraged to come overflowing with ideas, AND props. Dust off your antlers!

  • Our groups are REALLY small and exclusive. (We want to get to know you!) Only 6 photographers, 3 models, 1 organizer/driver/facilitator. That’s it!

  • We are mobile. Not being limited to a set location, we cover 9 unique world class locations in just 6 days! No time to get bored and run out of ideas.

  • We are NOT a workshop! No one will impose their shooting style or genre on you. You'll shoot what makes YOUR heart sing, instead of following the vision of an instructor.

Join us

Even though you always dreamed of exploring Utah’s breathtaking outdoors, nobody wants to deal with the hassle of all of additional expenses, time and stress involved with:

  • Scouting locations ahead of time
  • Getting your model(s) to Utah
  • Arranging lodging for everyone involved
  • Planning for meals for you and the model
  • Scheduling your shoots around the available light
  • Figuring out transportation
  • Not having an assistant

We take care of ALL of the above. We are cool like that.

Upcoming Tours

March: 03/13 - 03/18


Meghan Claire