Goblin Valley

This strange and colorful landscape, filled with bizarre sandstone rock formations called goblins, is often compared to Mars. 

Our adventure takes you to Goblin Valley State Park as well as nearby Little Wildhorse Canyon, a true photographers dream.

Of all the great wonders that Utah has to offer, these highly exotic sandstone slot canyons are one of the most unique features in the state.

Moab Utah

Located right in the middle of several state and national parks, including Arches National Park and Canyonlands, Moab is a natural playground.

Under conditions of constantly changing light, the varicolored landscape provides you with limitless photographic opportunities.

We will spend two full days in this striking desert landscape and visit several unique locations in and around Moab.

Salt Flats

One of the largest salt flats in America, Bonneville provides an amazing backdrop for ethereal, other worldly images.

During the dry season, the flats seem to continue on forever. And when it rains, the flats appear to turn into a giant mirror, reflecting everything around it.  

You will have the opportunity to photograph several locations in and around the Bonneville Salt Flats during our May/June 2016 Adventure.


Home to several world class ski resorts, and boasting "The Greatest Snow On Earth", the Wasatch Mountains above Salt Lake City offer views of pristine mountain lakes, secret valleys, magical hot springs and so much more!

Our journey will begin in the canyons south of the Salt Lake Valley, and finish with a trip to the Great Salt Lake to the north-west.


Salt Flats