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Frequently Asked

What should be my photography level in order to attend?

Utadventure is perfect for all levels of experience!

As a beginner, you’ll learn how to work with professional models, and pick up a few photography tricks from our more experienced participants.

Advanced photographers will enjoy working with our models at their own pace, without any annoying interruptions, due to the relaxed, well structured nature of our events.

How often do you do your tours?

Our workshops are held in May/June and September/October to ensure optimal weather conditions and a pleasant experience for everyone.

Where will we be staying?

Don’t worry, you won’t be sharing a tent with a scorpion! Comfortable hotels and/or inns only!

Do I need to be in top physical shape to attend?

Most of our locations are less than a 30 minutes walk away from the van, but good shoes and/or walking sticks may be nice in the uneven terrain.

We bring plenty of water, and plan for frequent rest stops. You’ll be fine!

Will I have cell reception?

Depending on your service provider you should have service while travelling, in town and even at some of our photography locations.

Arrival and departure

Book your flight straight to Salt Lake City International Airport.

Please plan on arriving no later than 2pm on the Thursday of your event to make it to our excellent Meet and Greet.

You can take off Tuesday morning, or if you are super awesome and decide to stay for our optional shoot Tuesday morning, then plan on departing Tuesday afternoon.

Will I need to rent a car?

Nope! ALL of your transportation, including rides from and to the airport are covered!

What should I expect on a typical day?

Be prepared to start early for the best possible light. Morning shoot typically lasts 2-3 hours. After lunch, depending on our location, we either drive to the next destination or rest at the hotel before our evening shoot. Later in the day we pick up the cameras again and shoot till sunset. We wrap up each day with a delicious group dinner at one of several gourmet restaurant along the way.

How many hours of shooting should I plan for daily?

Expect to shoot 4-5 hrs a day.

How will we travel to our locations?

We will be traveling as a one big happy family in a comfortable shuttle van. Plenty of time to socialize, show off photos, and share long childhood stories.

What is included in the price?

Your 5 nights of lodging, transportation, all of the model fees, park entry fees, hot breakfasts, gourmet snacks and plenty of water are all included! You pretty much only pay for lunch and dinner as well as your travel expenses to Salt Lake City.

Do I need to bring tip money for models?

Tipping our hard working models is not required, but it's good karma. The amount will depend on your budget and how much you enjoyed working with them.

I am in, how do I sign up?


Image Credit G Oar. Taken during our 2015 Adventure

Utah 2020

05/13 - 05/18 ($3,500) Early Bird $3,300
Anoush Anou, Meghan Claire

05/27 - 06/01 ($3,500) Early Bird $3,300
Venus de Sierra, Vivian Cove,
Daria Sells
06/05 - 06/08 ($3,500) Early Bird $3,300
Dasha U, Venus de Sierra

Yucatán 2019

10/30 - 11/04 ($3,600)
Sold Out!
Dasha U, Sienna Hayes,
Olivia Preston