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Utah Tours

Are you craving to feel more alive? Would you like to turn your photo dreams into stunning art and lifetime memories? How about a well deserved break from your everyday routine?

In our crazy, busy, fast paced world, wilderness is a necessity.

Join us in breathtaking Utah where nature will fuel your soul, heal your stress and spark your creativity! On this once in a lifetime photography vacation, we will be taking you on a 5 day photographic journey encompassing 8 exotic Utah locations to create your dream images with professional nude models.

Let us shower you with some REAL inspiration and vistas for days to ignite your creative juices. Twice a day, you will be exploring the outdoors with your camera in pristine, awe inspiring photo locations off the beaten path. Most of our locations are lesser known wonders, not found in any guide books.

What is
UTadventure Relax?

  • A tour for our less intense participants who love engaging with nature in a more relaxing way
  • NO strenuous hiking involved - our easily accessible locations are a just a short walk away from the van
  • Delicious group dinners with more time for drinks and conversations
  • More rest, more sleep, more time to relax!
  • Massage session on our rest day right in the middle of the tour to soothe your muscles and promote further relaxation! (Optional!)

What is
UTadventure Extreme?

  • A tour for our outdoor enthusiasts who are into active exploring
  • MORE great hiking with vistas to die for
  • Exciting, unique, hard to get to locations (hello, off-roading!)
  • Even more adventure!
  • Super fun rest day packed special activities

Where are we going?

Here is what we have in store for you on this tour:

Bonneville Salt Flats
Feel the gentle, soft fascination at one of the largest salt flats on the planet. Let this brilliantly white landscape, complimented by the mountain peaks rising in the distance take you into an alien world. Bonneville provides an amazing backdrop for ethereal, other worldly images - every photographer's dream!

Make this red rock wonderland your photo playground! Natural stone arches, pinnacles, massive fins and giant balanced rocks are certain to inspire your artistic spirit. We will spend two full days in this striking desert landscape and visit several unique locations in and around Moab.

San Rafael Swell
Treat yourself to a super fun photographic quest in the the highly exotic limestone slot canyons and epic, vertigo inducing gorges, some of the most unique features in the state. Be sure to pack plenty of memory cards!

Sand dunes
Since a passion for photography can never be satiated, we offer a 6th day optional shoot in the surreal golden dunes. Experience the beauty of an endless sand sea without having to travel to Africa! Dig your toes in the soft shifting sands among the beautiful patterns created by the wind, and get ready to shoot to your heart’s content.


How do we get there?

UTadventure is the first ever MOBILE photographic tour. Since we are committed to take you to so many unique locations, we will spend a lot of our time traveling together in a large, comfortable 12 passenger van. Plenty of time to socialize, show off photos, munch on beef jerky and share childhood memories.

Where are we staying?

Even though most of our locations are less than a 30 min walk away from the van, you’ll get dusty, tanned and sweaty. But don’t worry! You won’t have to share an uncomfortable tent with a scorpion! Every night you’ll be getting your beauty sleep in comfortable hotels and/or inns.

What are our models like?

UTadventure strives to create an environment where the model and photographer are equal collaborators. We carefully select only the highest level professionals who are true artists at heart.

Our modern day muses are eager to share their creative vision with our photographers and actively participate in creative process.

We keep our groups small. You will have plenty of time to work with every one of our inspiring muses, at your own pace and in a relaxed, comfortable manner.

And what about food?

You'll start each day with a delicious, warm breakfast on the go, and we'll keep you hydrated and energized with satisfying snacks, and plenty of organic tea and Italian coffee. Leave your Twinkies at home! Salt Lake City was named one of America's "Five New Food Cities" and Moab also offers many outstanding dining choices. Every day we will get together for lunch and dinner at a different spot bursting with local flavor. No chain restaurants on this trip.

Plus, the first day includes a fun, casual welcome lunch. We'll get to know you, take a few selfies and bond over some famous Utah beers! Oh, and we always celebrate the end of our adventure with a cocktail night in a trendy Salt Lake City restaurant.

This is UTadventure - the ultimate photo adventure and a perfect chance to unleash your creativity while getting away from your daily routine in the most stunning nature settings on the planet!

Utah 2020

05/13 - 05/18 ($3,500) Early Bird $3,300
Anoush Anou, Meghan Claire

05/27 - 06/01 ($3,500) Early Bird $3,300
Venus de Sierra, Vivian Cove,
Daria Sells
06/05 - 06/08 ($3,500) Early Bird $3,300
Dasha U, Venus de Sierra

Yucatán 2019

10/30 - 11/04 ($3,600)
Sold Out!
Dasha U, Sienna Hayes,
Olivia Preston