Yucatán Tours

Join us for 6 days of unforgettable photographic adventure in and around Merida, the cultural capital of the Americas!

Let us take you away to 8 unique, engaging photographic locations off the beaten path in the Yucatán peninsula: one of the most culturally and ecologically rich regions in the world!

While creating fantastic images with 3 most beautiful, world class, professional models, you’ll gain a fascinating insight into the unique culture and intriguing history of Yucatán.

Prepare to be showered with abundant culinary exploration (Yucatecan cuisine is to die for - be ready for fabulous dinners and tasty local treats) and cultural experiences, and be immersed in the vibrant colors and authentic flavors of the region!

Where are we going?

Here is what’s cooking on our delicious photographic menu:

Mayan ruins
Get lost in another time on a mystically quiet morning of art nude photography in an ancient city of Mayapan, the last great Maya capital that goes back to 1000 A.D.

Make art in the secret underworld of turquoise pools and magical caves where Mayans communicated with the gods. A refreshing dip in the crisp mineral waters is a must!

Flamingo preserve

Get up close to thousands of pink flamingos (and many other rare species of birds!) on an idyllic boat ride through the mangroves. Truly a once in a lifetime experience and the most incredible rosy background for our models!

Pueblos magicos
Explore the explosive colors of famous magical towns deep in the heart of rural Mexico where the Spanish colonial buildings are painted egg yolk yellow, colorful churches are built on ancient pyramids, and the time seems to stand still.

Historic haciendas

Travel back in time to create truly unique images several historic haciendas, a large landed estate dating back to 18th century, tucked in the lush jungle and not available to the public.

Beach photoshoot at sunset
Dig your toes in the soft, powdery sand of Merida beaches while photographing our muses in the rays of the setting sun in the warm, emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Pink Lagoons
Imagine taking other wordly photos in this small, little known fishermen town with miles of pink lagoons, produced by the microscopic algae and a high concentration of salt.

And for dessert, how about indulging in an optional 6th day shoot in a charming boutique hotel featuring colonial-style rooms full of antique ambiance downtown Merida? ;)

... and much more!

Where are we staying?

Imagine staying on a private 18th century hacienda, far, far away from all inclusive resorts with their cheap fruity cocktails.

This quiet, harmonious haven has been restored showing the original rustic charm from the ancient times, offering you some amazing shooting opportunities at every corner, as well as some stunning homemade cuisine.

And what about food?

Yucatecan cuisine is a unique mouth-watering melange of influences from Europe, Mexico and Caribbean. Get ready for fabulous meals, plenty of mescal and micheladas, and many tasty local treats.

This is UTadventure in Mexico - the enchanting mix of art, culture and genuine human connection, and the Mexico you always wanted to discover!

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